About Me

I am a RIT graduate who majored in Computer Science. I currently work for Two Six Labs. I am truly a programmer at heart and am constantly writing software for both my hobbies and my career. You can check those out on my projects page. In my spare time I also like to play guitar.

I grew up in Woodmere, Long Island and went to Hewlett High School. We didn't have much of a computer program in high school so I really had to pursue programming on my own. This is partially the reason why I like to have so many programming related projects. Usually, I will pick a project which will force me to learn. Right now, my interests fall mostly into the low level programming category, so I've been working on an Operating System a lot.

I have worked on the KDE project for a while (in particular I did a lot of work bringing kcalc up to speed), but recently I have been focusing on both work and personal projects such as my Operating System and RPG Engine. One of my favorite projects is Pretendo a portable NES emulator written in c++.